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Attraction or Trap

The horizon constantly  comes into focus as we travel toward it.  And what a view it is!  Constantly changing and endlessly beautiful. It’s how we as investors should see the future.

3D printing is just one of those stops along the road to the future that we see as a tourist attraction.

Like a tourist attraction that promises something, anything, that we have never seen, some places are just worth a stop to enjoy the unspoiled uniqueness that is being offered.  And some places will never be the same as it is today because popularity has its own rewards but also its own price to pay.

Like the unrefined wilderness of a secluded wilderness, as soon as people find out that it’s a destination worth seeking out it starts to become less wilderness with it’s unspoiled beauty and quiet still solitude and instead becomes something everyone must see before they die tomorrow.

3D printing  is now a newly discovered pristine wilderness trampled only by those who seek pristine wilderness.  Just like a newly discovered national wilderness area it will soon be populated by tourists, tourist traps and developers.  We want to visit before it gets crowded and as investors we want to stake a claim to the most promising real estate before prices start appreciating.

Some people already found this wilderness as Bukobot aims to be open-source 3D printer (click here) explains.  Others are already planning their trip to go.  Shouldn’t you be looking to get ahead of the crowd?  When do you first want to visit this?  While there is still a campground available?  Before they start sub-dividing the area?  Perhaps you’d wait until they build roads and parking lots?  There are those who will wait until they start building houses and stores and, aghast,  hotels!

Which type are you?

Low Risk Entry and Exit


Low, Medium, and High risk trade entries are defined by the time, money, and skills that a person has to place into the trade.  Notice that I didn’t say education, talent, or greed.

Because trading is an inherently emotional act, and profiting is just the opposite, the greatest skill is eliminating emotions from our trading.  Spock of Star Trek fame would make a great trader.  Sans a Spock-like personality a good solid trading system helps us do that.

[caption id="attachment_2096" align="aligncenter" width="299" caption="Every day trade example."]Example of an everyday low risk entry and exit trade[/caption]

In the above example the components of the trade are

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Aptera Motors shuts its doors – RIP

Aptera Motors aimed to produce a car that could have been iconic within the ultra-fuel-efficient commuter car market.  It was sleek, aerodynamic and incorporated many forward-thinking ideas.  I added the Aptera to my wish list but they couldn’t seem to get a handle on the production.

Aptera, may yea rest in peace.

via Aptera Motors shuts its doors.

A Free Web & Mobile App for Reading Comfortably — Readability

Just passing this along to everyone I know.

I do a lot of research for different projects.  Most of this work is online.  To do this and speed up my daily routine I’ve gathered some apps  and browser widgets that Readability does naturally.  It has eliminated a few work-a-rounds for me and so…  In the interest of pure utilitarianism I suggest checking this program out.



Obama Is About To Give A Huge Class Warfare Speech

If this speech plays out the way this article suggests I have two words for the President; FAIR (Flat) TAX!

I don’t want to get into a spitting match with the President.  Also, I don’t want to go there with any of the other possible candidates to the 2012 election.  As I’m sure that most of us are tired of trying to parse any of the politicians words I want to see action toward specific goals.  Not band aids for broken discourse.

A proper Fair/Flat Tax would eliminate many advantages the privileged class have had during the last century.  When you hear something that tries to move us American Citizens away from that goal you are listening to political gamesmanship and class warfare.  We should no more accept this from any of our leaders than from any enemy of democracy.  Divide and conquer is still alive and well in the rhetoric the


President Barack Obama will travel to Osawatomie, Kansas on Tuesday to emphasize the need for Americans to pay their “fair share.”
It’s an argument that many in the Republican party reject as class warfare, but Obama will draw on a Republican president — Theodore Roosevelt — to justify his message.

via Obama Is About To Give A Huge Class Warfare Speech.

When In Doubt, Go Out!

Following my charts today reminded me of a “Rule of THUMB!” (said with much thunder, echo, and deep voice). The gist of it is “When in doubt, go out.” It means the same as “Go to the balcony” but refers to the time-frames that we’re trading.

I tend to stick with a 15 to 30 min. timeframe but sometimes find myself looking at a 1 minute or 5 minute wondering if this time or that would make a good entry or exist point.

If those things aren’t clear in the shorter time periods then we need to move out to longer time period to gain a longer perspective. In fact, the longer time periods are where the real money is.

Sometimes it’s profitable to drop to a smaller time-frame but when in doubt, go out.

More on this later.