Unemployment Benefits – The Devil’s Playground

If the devil catch a man idle, he’ll set him at work. (T. Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732 via The Phrase Finder)

As we all know the political landscape affects the financial landscape.    If you are thinking that posts like these are boring, or doesn’t affect you, or that you are powerless to do anything about it so why bother, then you can count yourself and idle mind.  Don’t read it.  This post is not for you.

But if you are curious about what you can do, what others think about this subject, or what power you have within yourself to promote change, then read, re-read, pass along and discuss. Consider this a plea to remember who did what now, during the next elections and beyond.  Words have power, actions have power, ignorance does not.

Republicans To Unemployed: Why Won’t You All Just Get Some Jobs Already?

Yep!  They all said the same thing.  But if taken in context you’ll find that what is being railed about is that the government has already given them a job.  That job is that of a government drone robbing them of free thought and expression, suppressing their nature creative instincts, instilling fear of survival so that they may be used and controlled for nefarious means.

It’s not about the average joe not getting a job.  It’s about the government give-aways that has taken job from the average joe.

Stop the government from hiring and you’ll end up smaller government.  Make the government enforce our immigration laws and you’d create 12 million jobs.  Pass a meaningful campaign finance disclosure law and you’ll free up $500 billion in brides, graft, give-aways, ear-marks, and revolving-door politics. Pass a strong, financial reform bill where regulations fix the problems instead the rules being played by banks, hedge funds, the Feds, and the politicians (i.e.: end the bail-outs for big banks) and you would free up $1.2 TRILLION now and another $3 to $5 TRILLION over the next decade, if not more.

If you have your doubts I’d like to present some quick hits found in an article on The Heritage Foundation.  Think and say what you will about The Heritage Foundation but these are not a smaller part of the arguments but more of the same.  From several different sources, too.

  • The financial regulation bill set to pass Congress Thursday (today) will create massive uncertainty for storefront check cashiers, city governments, small manufacturers, home buyers and credit bureaus.
  • According to a new Bloomberg poll, more than 7 out of 10 Americans say the economy is mired in recession, and more than half say the deficit is “dangerously out of control.”
  • According to a new CBS poll, just 25 percent of Americans say the economy is getting better, and 74 percent say the Obama stimulus either damaged the economy or had no effect.

The truth is that the lines for or against government corruption have are being drawn along and it’s just been in the past few months that the liberals vis-à-vis the Democrats has decided to play this line once again to the detriment of the individuals hurt so much by their past under-handed side-stepping of constitutional intent.
The only reason they chose this battle is because the balance of power is slowly slipping away and they find that this might be an advantagous battlefield.  Using the philosophy that the end justifies the means they plan on usurping what little power and free thought the common man has by making them nothing more than a pawn on their own chess board.

Rather than pass another give-away that solves only the very short-term problems for fewer and fewer Americans we should be concentrating on larger picture of giving back the power of the common man to the common man by supporting our middle-class.

We can do this by fighting for a fair tax structure, an open and transparent GOVERNMENT FINANCE DISCLOSURE bill that includes revealing not only money being transferred but jobs and access being disclosed also.  We, the common man, who has been so enslaved by liberal policies of the past 60 years should be trying to reverse them at every turn including the upcoming elections.  The Democrats know this and that’s why they have pegged this notion that the GOP is unfeeling and uncaring as the next battlefield.

I really disliking terms like liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, and other generalizations.  Since words must have meaning I’ll leave you to decide who these terms are used as reference.  It’s true that the not everyone falls completely into any general category so for the sake of discussion look not at their words but of their actions.  That will help.

Now back to what’s at hand.

If you want to extend unemployment benefits, have them repeal the Health Care Reform Bill that did nothing but give money to those that striving to control you.  There’s plenty of money in that bill to fund unemployment for the next decade if you wish.

If you can’t die by your principles, you can’t live by your principles.

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